Photography by Ian L. Sitren


Sexiest Summer FitBodies

Katie Madden featured as a Sexiest Summer FitBody for 2015 in the latest issue of Planet Muscle Magazine. And Katie is 56 years old! Is she just not too amazing for words! Good thing I shot the photographs. Makeup and Hair Styling by the ever wonderful Natalie Lyle. And yet another magazine feature photographed with my Hasselblad camera. Thanks!

My Mulholland Drive Tour Guide

My Mulholland Drive tour guide for the day. Maria Bertrand told me she had some good photo shoot locations in mind and wow was she right. And wow is she gorgeous! We did a few different looks for a few different themes to go with magazine feature stories and more. Here she is in a Guess by Marciano dress that was just made for her. Or maybe she was made for that dress! Just perfect! All photographed on Hasselblad which is why you are seeing so much detail in the fabric of that dress, the perfect colors and skin tones and the looks like you are there feel to the photograph. Also just perfect!

Girl Just Gotta Have Fun!

Behind the scenes, as Maria Bertrand and I went off to do a photo shoot along Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles last week. Maria is just too much fun! I am so lucky to have this woman who has been in the pages of Vogue and more in front of my Hasselblad camera! Keep watching here for a few photographs from this shoot. We did back up traffic along the highway for sure!

Another From The ProSolutions Tour

Another photograph from the Hasselblad Bron ProSolutions Tour at Edge Studios in Los Angeles the other day. Model Kristen Dugas looks incredible in this shot I did with a Hasselblad H5D-50c camera with a Hasselblad HC 100mm lens. The lighting was a Broncolor pack and head with the Broncolor Para 133 reflector. Truly amazing lighting and the skin tones and colors are perfect. Then there is the sharpness of details and an almost three dimensional feel to the photograph. I am very happy I am shooting Hasselblad and very impressed with Broncolor!

Beautiful Model; I Say Use The Best Cameras And Lighting

Wonderful fun the other day at Edge Studios in Los Angeles, trying out and courtesy of, Broncolor lighting equipment and Hasselblad Cameras. Here I photographed our model for the day, Kristen Dugas with a Hasselblad H5D-50c camera and a Hasselblad HC 100mm lens. The lighting was a Broncolor pack with their very unique Para 133 Reflector. The photograph gives you an idea as to why lighting from equipment like Broncolor and the Para Reflectors is called light shaping. The dimension, detail and overall quality are equally only best interpreted by Hasselblad cameras. I am so very truly impressed with  Broncolor and Hasselblad. Ok I am pretty impressed with Kristen Dugas too! Thanks!


Had my martial arts instructor looked like Stacey Naito when he wielded a Katana, I dare say I would still be training with him. This woman is so gorgeous! From our photo shoot. With Makeup and Hair styling by the wonderful and very fun Blanche LeBeau.

My Ball Career Is Over

I don’t think I am going to be able to go back to my ball career. So I need you to sign up for me shooting your photographs on Labor Day weekend for the bodybuilding and fitness competition at Muscle Beach. If you are doing the show, you can have your photographs on stage and also backstage in the workout Pit. On the Sunday before the show you can have your own mini photo shoot at the beach whether you are doing the show or not. And you can even have a couples photo shoot. So please sign up as soon as you can so I can get everyone in. I have no idea where my mitt is anyway. Just click here and Thanks!


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