Photography by Ian L. Sitren


Fine Art Nude?

A panel discussion at the Palm Springs Photo Festival last week raised the question of what is fine art photography. Personally I do not like definitions such as that. Is the difference between fine art and not fine art a really expensive frame perhaps. I guess this is my idea of a fine art nude. Aristodeme the model is nude and she is holding fine art. Photographed with a Hasselblad digital camera and Broncolor lighting. That equipment is fine art, and so is Aristodeme, of that I am sure!

Fine Art Nude

Your Photos At Muscle Beach!

Here we go! Muscle Beach only a few weeks away. Are you doing the show? I am available to photograph you but you have to sign up ahead of time. You can have your photographs on stage, backstage in the famous “Pit” or even your own personal, or as a couple, beach mini photo shoot. If you have wanted pro photos or have been wanting to shoot with me, time to sign up. I do not even remotely make the costs so very low except for Muscle Beach. And for the mini photo shoots, you do not have to be doing the show. Any questions, just send me a note and there is the link for more info and to sign up. Thanks!

Muscle Beach Banner

Basic Safety Rule

A basic safety rule to be followed at all times. Avoid looking at photographs of Sherry Goggin for more than 30 seconds or you may lose the ability to focus and concentrate on anything else for as long as 24 – 72 hours. There is no known cure at this time nor expected to be in the near future. From our photo shoot near the windmill farms and the bikini from her own Fit Girl Wear designs.

Sherry Goggin In The Desert

Got Your Attention!

So much fun getting your attention with my photography for The Mission:”To help our visitors reach their health, fitness and appearance goals through information, motivation and supplementation.” “The largest online sports nutrition company and recently ranked the No. 1 most visited bodybuilding and fitness website in the world!”


Porno Chic

It is not just naked. It is called “Porno Chic”. A term created by New York Times art critic Hilton Kramer in the 1970s to describe the work of fashion photographers Helmut Newton, Guy Bourdin and Chris von Wangenheim. Editorial and advertising photography that uses nudity, eroticism… sexual and sultry to be more than pornography. I also refer to it as “edgy lifestyle” and think it is great fun. That is why you see it in my photography. It is not just being naked.

If you follow my Blog you saw an earlier post I did jokingly talking about this series selling chairs or furniture. Actually this photograph does work. Does it not get your attention about the chair? You can see very well how it is made, the details of it, and the model makes it look really comfortable. It is helped out by having a great model. And also works because it is photographed with a Hasselblad digital camera and lighting by Broncolor. Only the best all the way around. Thanks!

Not Just Naked

How To Find Me

If you are going to be at Muscle Beach for the big Memorial Day weekend show, this is how you find me. Look for my 6ft tall gorgeous assistant Natalie Lyle. Most often on my photo shoots as Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, she is very exceptional in front of the camera too. Natalie will be helping me keep track of the people who sign up for photo shoots. For signing up details, click here…

I will be shooting everyone who signs up with me and I am the Muscle Beach photographer. Bikini class, Vintage Swimsuit, Bodybuilding, Physique, all of it, I am your photographer. It will be a really busy show and to be fair I will only be photographing the people who sign up for photographs. I just will not have enough time otherwise. At the show, you can have your photographs on stage and also you can select to add on backstage in the world famous  Muscle Beach “Pit”.

You can also have your own mini photo shoot for just yourself or a couple. On the Saturday and Sunday before the show, I will be photographing right there at Venice Beach and nearby on the beach in Marina Del Rey. And you do not have to be doing the Muscle Beach show to sign up for a mini photo shoot.

If you have at all been wanting to shoot with me or wanting to have some great professional photographs, this is the chance at a really reduced cost. I make these prices available only for times like this when I can photograph a lot of people. I have really done this so it can be as inexpensive as possible for everyone. For the details, here is the link and Thank You! I really hope as many of you as possible get in front of my cameras! Click here and please sign up right away, only a few weeks left…

Natalie Lyle


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