Photography by Ian L. Sitren


Maybe You Can Afford To Work For Nothing

“Maybe You Can Afford To Work For Nothing” Funny how that resonates today! This is from a movie depicting the Old West, “The Fargo Kid’ from 1940. So many of you are going to identify with this: photographers, writers, models working booths at trade shows, being photographed and working with companies making multi multi million dollar sales figures and giving you little or nothing. Those of you who have worked with me can stand by the fact that I have continually pushed for more for you from companies big and small. I have personally declined paying projects for me as the photographer when the models were not being paid. Often I am paid as the photographer by models as well, however it is only when I am giving you personally that which is of value to you for whatever reason. I will continue to make sure that for any photography I do, it is equitable whenever I possibly can. Watch the very short clip below, it is very well said and Thank You!


My Choice Is Hasselblad… In Space

The history of Hasselblad cameras and the space program actually played a significant part of why I have made Hasselblad my own cameras of choice. I remember as a young student in school being so very fascinated with the beginnings of the first Mercury capsule with Alan Shephard and then John Glenn orbiting the Earth. Even from those years so long ago the name “Hasselblad” was imprinted in my mind. Here is one photo from a series on “Gear Patrol” “Hasselblad’s History In Space“. June, 1965: Ed White taking the first US spacewalk on Gemini 4…

Your Muscle Beach Photos, Time To Sign Up!

We are coming up on Labor Day Muscle Beach, Monday September 7th, the last bodybuilding and fitness show of this Summer at the place “Where Muscles Were Born”! If you are doing the show it is now time to get signed up for me to shoot your photographs on the stage and back stage in that famous workout “Pit” along the Venice Boardwalk. I also have one more open spot for a mini photo shoot with you or a couple on the day before the show on Sunday September 6th. That will be right there at world famous Venice Beach. So no time to wait! Thanks and here is the link for more information and to sign up!

“Free-Form 50’s Coffee Shop Architecture”

How many of you can reach back in your memory and see yourself sitting in a Bob’s Big Boy? I sure can. Such a memorable part of that 1950’s and 1960’s car culture so identified with Southern California. This Big Boy is in a storefront in the little community of Julian, California. One of many stops on a recent photo excursion. Photographed with my Hasselblad. Love that camera!

“Customers couldn’t get enough of Bob’s new creation. One fan in particular was a chubby six year old boy in droopy overalls. He would often help Bob sweep up in exchange for a free burger. In honor of his young friend, Wian decided to name the better burger the Big Boy. Another regular customer, a movie animator, sketched the now famous character on a napkin.” –

Muscle Beach Is Just Like This!

Have you been to one of the Muscle Beach Bodybuilding & Fitness Shows over the Summer? It looks just like this! The greatest outdoor bodybuilding and fitness shows on the planet. The next is Labor Day, Monday September 7th! Be there!

And if you are doing the show you can have me photograph you on stage and backstage at this world famous location and in that world famous workout “Pit”. You can even have your own mini photo shoot for yourself or a couple the day before! But you have to sign up ahead of time and really soon! So here is the link for more information and to sign up. Don’t let it go by!  And Thanks!

9 Yoga Poses With Maria Bertrand

Very Fun! A great feature “Improve Your Confidence With These 9 Yoga Poses” written by Maria Bertrand, featuring Maria Bertrand and photographed by me! On Beachbody … Take a look!



“Low Tech But Lethal” the 300 foot long B-39 Foxtrot submarine of the Soviet Navy. Diesel electric powered these are the submarines that tracked US and NATO ships from the Cold War and during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Weighing 2000 tons with a crew of 78, this sub carried 24 torpedoes and could deliver nuclear warheads. Now at the Maritime Museum of San Diego.

That round passage is how you move between compartments. Just big enough to get through, there are four of the along the length of the interior. They can be closed and sealed to make a flooded area watertight.  And no I did not load or fire any torpedoes.


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