Photography by Ian L. Sitren


Banners Are Up And I Am There!

Very Fun! The banners are up for the July 4th show at Muscle Beach/Venice and I am there right in the middle! I remember walking along that boardwalk as a young guy seeing those big bodybuilders working out in the “pit”. And also the almost naked women walking along the boardwalk as well. If you are doing the show, or for that matter want to do your own photo shoot over this weekend, I am taking sign ups now. For more info and to sign up online click here and Thanks…

Get Out Your Best Sox!

Get out your best sox! Maria Bertrand sure did! I will be photographing you backstage in the workout “”Pit” and on stage at the big July 4th fitness and bodybuilding show at Muscle Beach/Venice! You can even have your own mini-shoot the day before or the day after. But you have to sign up first. For more information and the online sign up form click here and Thanks…

Travis Ely On His Way!

Travis Ely working it in the gym on his way to the NPC Universe National Bodybuilding Championships next week in New Jersey. This is a pivotal show for a bodybuilder because it is what is called an IFBB Pro Qualifier. Top placing competitors will earn the title of “Professional Bodybuilder” in the IFBB, the most prestigious bodybuilding federation on the planet. Travis has done a great job with 20 weeks of prep, making great gains in muscle thickness, symmetry and detail. I do not say this often, almost never actually, but I expect him to do good!

By the way from a photographers perspective… Photographed with my Hasselblad camera producing incredibly accurate skin tones, colors, contrast and detail. So very impressed with Hasselblad!

And a big Thank You to Palm Springs Fitness for always being a great place to work out and being with friends and for supporting Travis Ely! Travis is a personal trainer at Palm Springs Fitness, go see him!

A Couple Of Firsts

Behind the scenes in my photo shoot with Katie Madden just recently. A couple of firsts here; the first time Katie will be published in a magazine. And the first of my photo shoots to be published photographed with my Hasselblad camera! The superb Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle. Very Fun!

Hasselblad Reality

When I announced that I had added a Hasselblad digital medium format camera system to my equipment, it generated a lot of interest. I received lots of messages and have been asked about it personally from photographers, models and people generally.

My decision to go Hasselblad, after trying out pretty much every high end camera system, came back to this one photo I shot of bodybuilder Travis Elywhen I first tried it out on a real photo shoot. Click on it to really get a look. The completely real colors, skin tone and definition were exactly what I wanted. It is more than a photograph, seemingly a duplicate of reality.

There are other reasons I chose Hasselblad. It is a legendary manufacturer of cameras made famous when chosen by NASA in 1962 to be the cameras to go into outer space. And of course used by so many famous photographers in the past and today. So who is next in front of my Hasselblad?

Location, Location, Location!

One of my favorite locations I will be using for photo shoots for July 4th weekend. Here with an incredibly perfect for the scene, Jake Sawyer. You can shoot with me on July 3rd or July 5th, the day before or after the big show at Muscle Beach/Venice. You do not have to be doing the show to take advantage of these photo shoots. I will be doing the show photography on stage and backstage if you are doing the show on July 4th. As many of you know I never make these offers of less costly mini-shoots like this but I really want to do it so I can shoot with more you. So please sign up ASAP and let’s make it happen. Click here for more info and to sign up online and Thanks…

Saw Randalene In A Coupe de Ville!

Oh wait! That was Maybellene when Chuck Berry was singing about her. Randalene Sergent would look good in a Coupe de Ville! I am thinking if he had seen her, that very first rock and roll song would have been “Randalene”. Actually Randalene looks good everywhere and especially in front of my cameras. And she will be in front of my cameras again on July 4th weekend. You can too!

I will be shooting at the big Muscle Beach show on July 4th. However even if you are not doing the show, you can shoot with me at the beach in Venice or Marina Del Rey on Friday July 3rd or Sunday July 5th. I will be working with a few people each day to keep it as inexpensive as I can for you. I would love to shoot with as many of you as possible but there is only so much time. So please sign up as soon as you can, it is right around the corner. For more details and sign up click here and Thanks!


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