Photography by Ian L. Sitren


Muscle Beach Photos Sign Up

This is it! Please do not wait! I am doing photographs at Muscle Beach/Venice at the show on Monday, both your on stage photos and backstage. I already have a lot of people signed up but would be happy to get more of you in. So if you are doing the show, click here and let’s get you in too! Thanks!

Muscle Beach Getting Ready

Only a few days away. Are you getting ready for being on that stage at Muscle Beach/Venice on Memorial Day? I am still taking sign ups for photographing you on stage and back stage too. But please sign up asap so I can get you in. Here is the direct link to sign up and Thanks!

Wild Times In Seattle

I am here looking for some wild times in Seattle before I get to wild times at Muscle Beach/Venice on Sunday and Monday. I think Google got my request wrong. But this is fun too!

Muscle Beach Photo Sign Ups

Muscle Beach/Venice, photographs and YOU! This Memorial Day weekend show, if you would like me to photograph you on stage and back stage, I am taking sign ups now. Please do not wait! Thank You and sign up here at this link…

When She Crawls In To Bed

From my file of Photographer Best Hints. When your beautiful model crawls into bed, take a photo! From my photo shoot with Shawn Towne on Facebook at Shawn Towne Modeling. Makeup and Hair Styling by Christine Copeland. My assistant and posing and wardrobe coach for the day, Jennifer Chamberlin. — at Bellagio Las Vegas.

Sign Up For Your Photographs At Muscle Beach

Are you doing the show at Muscle Beach this coming Memorial Day weekend? I am providing photography at the show. After 10 years of shooting at the Muscle Beach shows where so many have asked if I could shoot your stage photographs I have decided to do so. So this is where you sign up and there are a few different options. So take a look and please sign up as soon as possible. If you wait until the last minute, I might not be able to add you. And I really would love to shoot great photographs of all of you! Thanks and SIGN UP HERE!

Muscle Beach Labor Day 2014

Muscle Beach Labor Day 2014

The Hottest Makeup Artist!

Looking incredible and having fun! Natalie Lyle started out as my Makeup Artist on my photo shoots. Along the way she became very studied and professional in front of the camera. And Natalie also became hard working in the gym. Now I have the most amazing looking Makeup Artist imaginable. You can meet Natalie at Muscle Beach/Venice on Monday as she helps me on my photo shoots for the day. At 6ft tall, you will not miss her!


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