Photography by Ian L. Sitren


So Much Fun With Gabriella

Sharing a laugh with an incredibly beautiful, gorgeous, talented and fun Gabriella Muttone. Behind the scenes in our photo shoot at the Palm Springs Air Museum. Made all the better with my Hasselblad camera and Broncolor lighting. Thank You Gabriella! You are wonderful!

Gabriella & Me

Hitchhiking to Muscle Beach

I imposed upon Maria Bertrand to demonstrate the proper form and universal sign for hitchhiking to Muscle Beach. We were on Mulholland Drive above Beverly Hills so the results  for cars that stopped included 17 Ferraris, 14 Lamborghinis, 6 Bentley Coupes, 11 various Rolls Royces, 4 Lincoln Town Cars and one black Loach helicopter with no markings that dropped out of the sky. However last I saw of Maria for the day was as she rode off on the back of a bright red Vespa with a really cute blonde wearing a matching helmet who had really long legs. I went back to the hotel with my Hasselblad camera and my memories of the day, in my photographs. Sigh…

Hitchhiking To Muscle Beach


Everybody Makes Friends On My Shoots

One of the very fun things that happens on my photo shoots is that everybody makes friends with everyone else. Bella found a perfect companion! Photographed with my Hasselblad digital camera and Broncolor lighting. I love this gear!

Bella And Friend

A Guess First

It was July last year when a so very gorgeous Maria Bertrand was photographed by me in this beautiful dress by Marciano by Guess. It looks like Guess decided that it was so beautiful on Maria that they had to put it on Gigi Hadid for their billboards and magazine ads.


Maria Bertrand Photographed along Mulholland Drive by me with my Hasselblad. Gigi Hadid for Guess.

His Last Movie

At PhotoCon LA yesterday I picked up this copy of American Cinematographer magazine. On the cover two greats of motion pictures including Vilmos Zsigmond.

I had the lifetime experience of having been the stills photographer on the last movie that Vilmos had done, “Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks“. The man had brought us amazing works such as “Deer Hunter” “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind” “Deliverance” “McCabe & Mrs Miller” and so many more. Long recognized as one of the greatest cinematographers of all time.

Working on set with him, almost daily for seven weeks, he showed himself to be a master of his craft with an incredible ease. And Vilmos worked non-stop, starting the day well before anyone else and long after in the every night. Well into his 80’s he drove everyone much younger by many decades into doing better by just trying to keep up with him.

On the last day of our shooting in Budapest at the wrap party of the movie, Vilmos paid me what everyone tells me is the kindest comment ever. He said “You can work on my sets anytime, you never got in the way”. That still makes me laugh and smile.


The Best Part Of Being A Photographer

The best part of being a photographer is getting to shoot photographs, especially with really great looking people. Like my good friend Daniel Hill here out in the desert right near Palm Springs. Thanks!

Daniel Hill


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