Photography by Ian L. Sitren


Manzanar – Go See The Exhibit

Are you here for the Palm Springs Photo Festival? When you have extra time, go on over to the Palm Springs Air Museum to catch the last week of “Manzanar – The Wartime Photographs Of Ansel Adams”. It really is a wonderful exhibit and of course there is much at the Air Museum to entertain your camera!

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.46.19 AM

Palm Springs Photo Festival This Week

Starting this afternoon you will find me for much of the week at the Palm Springs Photo Festival. I will still be filling day time hours with photo editing and my usual photography tasks. If you are going to be at the Photo Festival and want to say Hi, send me a text on my cell at 213-712-1929. Great Fun!

A Palm Springs Photo Festival To-Do

To all my photographer friends; are you coming out here for the Palm Springs Photo Festival starting Sunday? If you are and happen to be coming in on Saturday, here is a very fun photo op for you. The Palm Springs Air Museum will be doing a flight demonstration with their Navy T-28. This is a really astounding aircraft that actually will outperform many of the more famous fighters from World War II. You can expect it to be flying just after 2 PM but there is much more out at the Air Museum for you to keep your camera busy. If you are not coming in on Saturday, you have all week to check out a great collection of vintage aircraft and so much more to see. The Palm Springs Air Museum is very close by to all the Photo Festival venues. Here is one of my photographs of the T-28 and a short video. See you there!

T-28 At The Palm Springs Air Museum

Tilt Up Studio

I have been getting a lot of photogrpahers asking for a closer look at my tilt up studio background system. Actually I think they wanted a closer look at Randalene Sergent. Perfectly reasonable! To the left is Natalie Lyle who does so much of the superb makeup and hair styling you see on my photo shoots. Although I have huge space inside to do photo shoots, this system allows me to create all kinds of spaces, paint schemes and more designs. I can also shift to do doing scenes by the pool or tress without moving all of the lighting equipment or very much additional work. Thanks!

Randalene Sergent

Earth Day

So I guess this is “Earth Day”. Thinking about what photographs I have shot speak to that, for some reason this one just jumped out at me. A tiny abandoned cabin left on federal land called Jackrabbit Homesteads in Wonder Valley California near Joshua Tree National Park. Maybe it is all the earth around the cabin or a post civilization remnant look, but perhaps it makes me think that this all what might be left if we don’t become better caretakers of the Earth.

Jackrabbit Homestead

Dark Corners In The Sunshine

Behind the scenes yesterday in my photo shoot with Randalene Sergent. I must tell you that Randalene is one of the most beautiful women I have ever photographed. Standing to the right is Natalie Lyle who did the most wonderful Makeup Styling on Randalene. It was perfect, exactly what I wanted and more! The heavy lifting and set up by my assistant Clyde Sawyer. From daylight poolside to dark corners we create it right here. Is that too fun!

Randalene Sergent

Fill Her Up! The MiG That Is!

Why not use the self serve pump, save a few bucks. Although I don’t know that pilot Steve Hinton saved any fuel costs by filling up the MiG-15 himself. It was 100 gallons at $8 per gallon, an $800 fill up. Then again how many times will you see a Korean War Soviet MiG-15 flying? Here at the Palm Springs Air Museum for the dedication of a restored F-86 Sabre Jet. The two aircraft were dogfight adversaries during the Korean War. Be sure to scroll down and watch my video of this MiG starting up, Wow! Turn up your sound!






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