Photography by Ian L. Sitren


That Little Black Dress

A woman of very special accomplishment Jennifer Henry in our photo shoot. And this last Saturday on stage with the WBFF in Los Angeles and taking a third place on the road in her journey in fitness. That fitness stuff does a body good! Don’t you just love the way she fills out this little black dress! YES!

Jennifer Henry 

This Is A Big Car!

Here is a car you won’t usually see going though the drive thru for a burger. A Hudson Super 6. I am guessing that it is from the early 1950’s. This is a big car!

Hudson Motor Car

I Can Hear Her Saying…

I can hear her saying to me “Just sit right down here and we will have a little breakfast”. Yes that was it, I recall distinctly. From my photo shoot with one of the most beautiful women I have ever photographed Ashley Owens Gulina. Makeup and Hair styling by the ever incredible Natalie Lyle. Ashley Owens Guilna

I Have This Urge…

Why do I have this urge to go pump some iron at the workout pit at Muscle Beach/Venice? Because sometimes you get to see Lisa Marino Sandersworking out there too. Plenty of reason for me! A great day for a photo shoot with Makeup and Hair styling by Natalie Lyle! — with Lisa Marino Sanders.

Lisa Marino Sanders at Venice Beach

Yes I Do…

Yes I do get to photograph some of the most beautiful women on the planet. Sasha Brown in front of my camera at Bombay Beach at the Salton Sea. Sasha is next off to Rome to do fitness workshops. How great is that!

Sasha Brown

Sneak Peek…

Want a sneak peek at the photograph I will be posting here and on all of my Social Media in the morning? The photograph is one of my favorite models and yes she is just gorgeous! Click on the link to my website where photographs are as big as your screen and much better quality.


“GAS ON, SWITCH OFF, THROTTLE CLOSED, BRAKES SET AND CONTACT!” Get ready you are flying with Sharon Lim out of the Palm Springs Air Museum. Buckle up, she is taking all the turns and looking good! From our photo shoot with Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle.

An Aviatrix Of Fitness


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