Photography by Ian L. Sitren



A United States Navy Hellcat. A carrier based plane that destroyed more enemy aircraft during WWII than any other Allied Naval Aircraft. Flying out of the Palm Springs Air Museum.

Navy Hellcat

Navy Hellcat

Navy Hellcat

On His Way!

A huge congratulations to my good friend Xavisus Gayden. He has been invited to compete in at the very prestigious Arnold Sports Festival for 2015 in Columbus Ohio. The opportunity to show off that finely honed physique on that stage is truly special in the world of bodybuilding and fitness.

From his first magazine appearance, when I featured Xavisus in Iron Man Magazine as the BodySpace Physique of the Month for, and along the way, he has been an exemplary individual and a credit to his continuing service as a United State Marine. Outstanding!

Xavisus Gayden

Xavisus Gayden

Xavisus Gayden

Xavisus Gayden

Xavisus Gayden

Another Holiday Season Photo

Another of my Holiday Season photographs. See the festive red candles on the counter. Oh, you missed those. Look again. From our photo shoot with one of the most beautiful women I have ever photographed, Ashley Owens Gulina. Makeup and Hair Styling by the wonderful Natalie Lyle. Thank You!

Ashley Owens Guilna

Me In The Hollywood Reporter!

I must say that it is very fun to see my photographs in places like the Hollywood Reporter despite the fact that I have been published many thousands of times over.

Go see the movie this weekend just so you can see my photographs in the end credits as well as my name! OK you will also see great names such as Gena Rowlands, Cheyenne Jackson, Rita Moreno, Julian Sands, Jacki Weaver, Kathleen Rose Perkins, Anthony Zerbe. And the work of legendary cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond. Yes all that and it is great fun. Check the schedule on the website at Thanks!


Decorating For The Holidays…

Of course we decorate at my house for the holidays!


Clouds And Palm Trees and Polaroid

A painterly view of Clouds framing Palm Trees after a rain in Palm Springs. Photographed in a Polaroid SX-70 camera with instant film by the Impossible Project.

Palm Trees And Clouds

It’s So Big!

I want a smaller one! Actually I want two. Shooting still photographs on movies and productions often requires complete silence. Even that little sound from the camera shutter is too much. The solution is that the camera has to go in what is called a “blimp” which completely deadens all sounds. Except the sounds of my aches and pains of carrying it around and a second camera all day. This is my friend Masha, who was at the studio in Budapest during the shooting of the movie “Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks”, giving it a try. She does make it look better than it does on me anyway.

“Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks” was released last Friday and is now being held over in theaters in Southern California. Go see it, just for me, so you can see my photographs in the end credits and my name LOL! The Encino Town Center, The Sundance Sunset in West Hollywood, Laemmle’s Passadena, Laemmle’s Westpark in Irvine. Thanks!!



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