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OK… Suggested Pokes!

I had no idea Facebook was making these suggestions for me. A little personal perhaps but the selections are quite stellar!


It Is Ava Time!

My best buddy Ava Cowan from our photo shoot at Muscle Beach/Venice some time back. You know Ava Cowan from so many magazine features, on stage at the biggest shows, her magazine columns, videos, appearances and much more. Truly one of the most respected and beautiful women in our sport of fitness.

I know that many of you are evaluating your direction in fitness and competition. So now is the time. Ava just re-launced her website and is offering a 25% discount on customized programs that will get you where you want to go. And Ava knows what she is doing and is the person who will save you years of mis-direction and can indeed find tune you. So go to her Facebook page and her website. The discount code is 25_off but don’t wait. It is only good through Tuesday at midnight! Go take a look!

Ava Cowan in the "Pit" at Muscle Beach Venice!

I Call It “A Tribute To Ian”

“It’s a pic of me taking a pic of me taking a pic of me taking a pic”. I call it “A Tribute To Ian” said Tiffany Forni. Is this too fun!

Tiffany was here in Palm Springs and was so very sweet to make it a point to visit with me. I have not seen her in person since we did her photo shoot a few years ago. It was for her feature as BodySpace Physique of the Month in Iron Man Magazine for I can’t say Thank You enough to Tiffany and so many others of you who have let me in your life!

"A Tribute To Ian"

Muscle Beach Is History, Be Part Of It!

When Taschen published this sprawling pictorial history of Los Angeles, it was the beginnings of Muscle Beach that made the cover. Be part of that history on Labor Day Monday and come out to the last show of this Summer with beautiful women and guys with muscles on stage showing off their best. I will be there with my cameras for sure!


Fitness Is Also Looking Good Naked

Lots of reasons to be fit and healthy! And if you want it that way, looking good naked is one of them. All the better! From my photo shoot with Melyssa.

Melyssa Buhl Naked

I Would Have Missed Marie De Lima Gomez…

Had I not been at Muscle Beach for the show I would have missed shooting this photograph of the exotic and beautiful Marie De Lima Gomez. This coming Monday, Labor Day, is the last Muscle Beach/Venice show of this Summer. Beautiful women and muscle guys on the stage. So come on out, it is great fun. I will be there with my cameras for sure!

Marie De Lima Gomez

Monday! Muscle Beach!

It is always a good time to be at Muscle Beach/Venice. Just ask Marc-arthur Moses Dautruchee working out and wowing the crowds along the boardwalk. And Monday will be even better! Come out for the final big show for this Summer. Guys with muscle and beautiful women will stand on that stage where Where Muscles Were Born. The original big three shows at Muscle Beach over the Summers are the most fun you can imagine. So be there! I will and with my cameras!

Marc-arthur (Moses) Dautruchee at Muscle Beach


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