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Who You Gonna Call? Me Of Course!

Who you gonna call? Me of course! When you want to shoot those gym photographs after you put in all that hard work. When you are doing your ads for the magazines or billboards or banners. When you are planning your magazine features. Or when you are looking for special photographs from my archive. I think Mark Ebinger in front of my camera was the right combination. He sure put in all that hard work! I can do it for you too. Thanks!

Mark Ebinger In The Gym

My Idea Of A Race Driving Uniform…

End of the race and Regina Piazza got there first! Any question that she knows how to dress for driving and winning! From our photo shoot with Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle.

Regina Piazza

“When Selfies Won’t Do” And Your Photos Stink!

My beautiful friend Saye Yabandeh from our photo shoot some time back. Saye has become a very accomplished and award winning actress and producer and being very smart about her image along the way has served her well.

To those of you for whom your image is important and that is many of you, I keep noticing a continuing bad trend. You are using photographs of yourself that are just abysmal. I don’t care who shot them, your faces are over processed, the exposures are too bright or too dark, your skin color is orange, the composition stinks and the posing awkward at best. That does not mean I want you to come do your photo shoots with me. I just would like to see standards come up and not keep sinking so low. Many of you will say, well I don’t know what is good. Yes you do! Compare to the photos you see all day in good magazines like Vanity Fair or Vogue or in fashion or cosmetic ads. Any similarity… No.

Here is an interesting story I urge you to read from a recent issue of the Fashion & Style section of The New York Times…

“When Selfies Won’t Do”

“Wearing black leather pants and a cape top, she reclined on a velvet armchair under the frescoed ceiling of a 19th-century Florentine villa, flanked by a hair and makeup artist, as a photographer clicked away.”

“People buy you, more so than your exact services or goods,” she said. “My business is truly and authentically me, so I wanted to make sure that this came out in my social media presence.”

“Indeed, an impact photo is more than just a vanity statement these days, since it’s hard to say where “personal” ends and “professional” begins on Facebook and Twitter…”

“Social media is a place where real business is actually happening…”

Again please read the story in The New York Times and if you have any questions, please feel free to send me a note. Thanks!

Saye Yabandeh

Hair Up For Tuesday Morning!

Here is Tuesday morning! One of my favorite photographs from one of my all time favorite photo shoots. For publicity photos for their screenwriting work, the dynamic writing team of Meghan McCaig and Maria Bertrand. Love them!

Maria Bertrand Mehgan and McCaig

A Win From Venice Beach To Pittsburgh!

A few weeks ago she stood in front of my cameras at Venice Beach. Then on this last Saturday she stood on the bodybuilding stage in Pittsburgh and walked away with her IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Card! Congratulations to an astounding Lisa Marino Sanders! Just wonderful!

Lisa Marino Sanders at Venice Beach


The photo my assistant shot as he scrambled out of the way. As I stood up they were an arm’s length in front of me but Victoria Kirsanova had brought them to a stop. You can see the big smile on her face. What a fun photo shoot with an amazing and truly unique and very beautiful Victoria Kirsanova. A professional horse trainer and personal fitness trainer and top rated NPC Bikini Competitor. Just outstanding!

Victoria Kirsanova

The Perfection Of The Lines Of Her Body

Look at the perfection of the lines of her body in that dress! Good thing I had a camera or I would have stared endlessly! Sasha Brown in our photo shoot at the Salton Sea.

Sasha Brown


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