Photography by Ian L. Sitren


Photographing Beautiful Girls

Yes I have been photographing  beautiful girls in exotic locations for over 50 years! Are you next?

Robin at Disneyland

Just The Right Amount

I love photographing scenes like this when you get the right amount of random blur and motion. Dark and random so a sharp photo with flash would just not seem to work or give you the same feeling. Kind of an intimate bar and fun feeling.

La Jolla Bar

When I Saw Her I Had To Wonder…

When I saw her in the window I had to wonder what she was seeing. A sexy lingerie store in the Pearl District of Portland Oregon. Sometimes I find store windows very fascinating if you look beyond just what you are supposed to be seeing.

Who Is Looking At Who

Pick You Plane For Your Photo Shoot

Thank You to so many of you for your notes and e-mails about shooting with me. I just want to be clear that we cannot just run over to the Palm Springs Air Museum with lights and cameras and wardrobe and a makeup artist, set up and start shooting photographs on the tarmac with a P-51 Mustang or the four engine bomber of your choice. This is well arranged ahead of time and there are costs involved. Sharon Lim and I had discussed this early on, and with some bumps in the road, I was able to make this happen. So I would love to shoot with you with that P-51 or maybe a helicopter but send me a note and we can chat about it. Thanks!

An Aviatrix Of Fitness

Rule #1

Rule #1 in my photo shoots is have fun. Rule #2 in my photo shoots is see Rule #1. And having fun with Sharon Lim at the Palm Springs Air Museum was what we did. Looking outstanding in that fit body hugging dress with our airplane du jour, a 1946 Boeing Stearman is just too perfect! Big Thanks to Natalie Lyle for our outstanding Makeup and Hair Styling.

An Aviatrix Of Fitness

More Of A Fit Lifestyle

Everybody loved Tina Sansom from her photograph I posted last week, So I thought you needed to see more of her from her photo shoot with me! Loving her fit lifestyle, her vacationing means being at the gym everyday and then off to the Olympia this week to take in more fit lifestyle! And the fit lifestyle sure fits Tina Sansom! Thanks!

A great day of Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle! 

Tina Sansom

“What Use Is Sitting Alone In Your Room…

She said “It is fun to think there are still places called the Kit Kat Club”. Of course thinking of the seedy Berlin cabaret in the 1930’s of Christopher Isherwood’s book which became  “Cabaret” the Broadway musical and movie. “What use is sitting alone in your room…”

Kit Kat Club


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